Logan Sexton


Managing Principal

Logan Sexton is the Managing Principal for Altamonte Management Services, LLC. He founded the company to continue to provide leadership guidance and executive coaching services to C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, and Key Team Members of companies that are growing, ones that have hit the point of inertia, or for organizations that simply want to be premier performers in their respective fields of business, including profit and not-for-profit entities. His unique approach to leadership guidance, called The Sexton Leadership Edge, is a reflection of a highly seasoned, experienced, skilled executive who wants to impact leaders in a way that creates “Impact Change”, and then will take the individual to new leadership realms, not previously experienced.

Logan’s career includes having served as CEO, COO, President, and several Divisional operations roles, with considerable positive outcomes, exceeding expectations of the stakeholders and investors. His extensive experience as an entrepreneur is additive to the vision and perspective that he brings to leaders, ones who have a keen desire to learn, and more importantly, who have the zeal and passion for developing emerging leaders within their respective organizations.